[silva-dev] kupu & external source suggestions

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Wed Oct 6 23:01:43 CEST 2004

dear developers

i have three small enhancement suggestions with kupu & external source:

required values
the required values are marked as red asterisks in the forms editor. 
there is no such visual representation in kupu. only upon saving (too 
late) it becomes clear what fields are required. it should be clear at 
first glance what is required.

in kupu the tool box is rather narrow. therefore, good external source 
objects design calls for very short field titles or the external tool 
becomes very long. in more complex external source objects short title 
might not be enough to explain the purpose of some of the fields. in 
the forms editor we can just read the descriptions (there are two types 
of description: one for the the external source and one for each 
field). but these descriptions are nowhere available in kupu.

editing area
to be frank the editing area of an external source in kupu looks more 
like some kind of debugging information for a developer than 
information tailored for an author;-) keys and values, ids instead of 
the field titles; this stuff is for developers. at least it should be 
like "field title: value". and here, there might be some space for the 
missing descriptions...


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