[silva-dev] author contents window: wrong buttons

kit BLAKE kitblake at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 06:17:30 CET 2006

2006/12/22, Marc Petitmermet <petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch>:
> when working with author role i don't have the rights to close or
> publish a document. nonetheless the buttons "close" and "publish now"
> are shown in the contents tab window when working as author.

I can reproduce that, it'll be fixed in the next round.

> it would really be nice if those buttons could be replaced with
> "withdraw approval request" and "request approval" when working as
> author. this would streamline the workflow of authors considerably.
> what do you think? the buttons in the publish tab window are correct
> so this is probably only an oversight;-)

Streamlining the workflow of authors is a good idea. Those buttons
appeared because I was tired of switching screens every time I wanted
to move something. Sometimes (being a Manager) I would do it on the
Zope level, because there you can move published content. There's an
issue about this, where it explains that it's silly to make Silva more
restrictive than the ZMI, and anything possible on that level should
be possible in Silva.

But I think you're right, the authors are still switching and waiting
for the next screen, and we should try and keep them happy. They're
doing the work.


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