[silva-dev] OpenOffice/ODF support for Silva?

eric casteleijn eric at infrae.com
Tue May 15 10:26:38 CEST 2007

Dave Kuhlman wrote:
> On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 11:38:26AM +0200, eric casteleijn wrote:
>> I'm quite busy at the moment, (but then, that's almost always the case, 
>> and: who isn't ;)), but I *would* like to discuss some more how to 
>> tackle this, and or answer any questions you may have. Let's keep the 
>> discussion on this list for now, because there might be more interested 
>> developers, or people with useful suggestions.
> Super.
> Give me a little time to look into it more.
> In the meantime, a few questions:
> - Am I right that the current export is done by code in:
>       Silva/silvaxml/xmlexport.py
> - And, that the exported document is described by:
>       Silva/silvaxml/silva.rng
>       Silva/silvaxml/silva_document.rng

Yes this is correct. For example xslt transformations, you could look at 
the stylesheets in Silva/transform/renderer.

> - Are our goals similar to those of the Docma server, minus the
>   connection using COM?

Well, partly. We would love to get rid of Docma, since it is a pain to 
set up and maintain, and if we could do the same through OOo that would 
be great. Replacing all of Docma is ambitious though, so I'd like to aim 
for smaller, more realistic steps towards that goal.

> After a bit more study I'll try to write up something in the way
> of a proposal that we can talk about.
> If there are any documents that you can point me at or any specific
> source code modules you think I should be reading, please let me
> know.

Aside from the renderers and the stuff you already found, not really. 
There is some example code I could dig up we used for a customer 
project, which does a *very* limited export of a tiny subset of silva 
xml to ODF, but that may be tied too heavily to the specific content for 
that customer to be of much use.


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