[silva-dev] @@get_viewer_role_info

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jun 13 18:56:39 CEST 2007


Andy Altepeter wrote:
> I'm trying to call zope3/five registered view in the subject of this email but 
> it appears to not be registered for all types of Silva objects.
> As a manager I have access to call this view directly from my browser, e.g. 
> http://mysite.com/silva/folder/document/@@get_viewer_role_info
> This works for "Silva Document", "Silva Folder" and "Silva Publication".  
> However, it does not work for "Silva Document Version" nor "Silva Article".  
> I'm trying to figure out why, but coming up short.  This view is registered  
> for="Products.Silva.interfaces.ISilvaObject", so I don't know why it's not 
> working.

The reason this is not working for SilvaDocumentVersion is because Silva 
DocumentVersion is not an ISilvaObject. You could either add a ZCML 
registration to register it for versions as well (if the view still 
works), or use the 'get_content()' method on the version (acquired) to 
get to the nearest ISilvaObject (the SilvaDocument).

This leaves the mystery of it not working in Silva Article, because it 

Silva Article subclasses from NewsItem which subclasses from 
CatalogedVersionContent which subclasses from VersionedContent (pauses 
for breath.. those wonderfully deeply nested Zope 2 base classes) which 
subclasses from Content (among others), which subclasses from 
SilvaObject which *does not* appear to say 'implements(ISilvaObject)'.

That appears wrong. We should add this line to SilvaObject's class 
definition. It also doesn't appeared to be fixed on trunk, so it should 
be added there as well (as well to any release branches). Should be 
safe, but needs to be tested first.

So why does it work for other content types even though we have this 
bug? The reason it works with other types of content is because they 
implement IContent or IVersionedContent (through the Content or 
VersionedContent base classes), which derives from ISilvaObject.



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