[silva-dev] Update - silva2odt

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 25 20:24:51 CEST 2007

> - lxml-1.2.1

this was it. i had version 0.9.1 installed. i updated to version 1.3  
and the errors were gone.

i created a full-media export zip from http://ssb.biomaterials.ch/ 
ssb/ (this is a standard silva folder) which has a size of 6 mb.

wow!! your program converted this 6 mb zip file in less than 0.3  
seconds and i have a bunch of .odt files.

some observations about installation and usage:
- "setup.py install" complains about a missing "__init__.py"
   but it installs nonetheless
- i can confirm eric; the syntax: silva2odt.py infile.zip outfile.odt
   does not work
- i had to use the --styles-path option because it could not
   find styles.odt

some observations about the result:
- nested lists do not work at all. i.e. in the .odt file of the page
   the article 2, 3, 4 and 5 are completely empty
- bulleted lists are not interpreted as a list; the result contains a
   paragraph with a bullet followed by line-end character and then the
   content follows in the next paragraph. e.g.

   original in silva:
   • some text
   • some more text

   converted in .odt:
   some text
   some more text

- am i correct that tables are converted to standard text and not  
- images are not supported yet
- there seems to be a major issue with links within paragraphs. after  
   link the text is missing. e.g. on page

   [snip] of the Robert Mathys FoundationAbsorbables, Degradables and
   Resorbables". During [snip]

   the missing text is '. The topic of the meeting was "'

   another example on the same page: the first paragraph of year 2004
   contains only the following line:

   On behalf of the AO Research Institute

dave, thanks again for this great product. may i ask if it will be  
possible to pipe the output of your program through ooconvert (http:// 
sourceforge.net/projects/ooconvert/) to have even more different  


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