[silva-dev] buildout development: external source does not work

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Sun Feb 22 11:50:28 CET 2009

in the latest development buildout the external source tool in kupu  
does not work. kupu sais: "the external sources product is not  
installed. this tool is disabled." but this is not true. the product  
is listed in Control_Panel/Products (SilvaExternalSources (Installed  
product SilvaExternalSources (SilvaExternalSources 2.2a2))) and it is  
activated in (silva/service_extensions). what am i missing? this is on  
a default, not yet used buildout.

other messages in the log file. i didn't know that we have a Chameleon  
in the system;-)
are these of any importance or how to fix them?

2009-02-22T11:27:56 INFO ZODB.blob (19815) Blob directory `/ 
Applications/Silva/buildout-devel/var/filestorage/blobs` has layout  
marker set. Selected `bushy` layout.
2009-02-22T11:27:56 WARNING ZODB.blob (19815) Blob dir /Applications/ 
Silva/buildout-devel/var/filestorage/blobs/ has insecure mode setting
2009-02-22T11:27:58 INFO Chameleon Default system encoding is set to  
'ascii'; the template engine will perform better if an encoding that  
coerces gracefully to unicode is used ('utf-8' recommended).
2009-02-22T11:28:00 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests


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