[Silva-general] Problem closing Silva Publications with Silva 1.4.1

Jon Bowlas me at jonbowlas.com
Tue Nov 29 17:31:04 CET 2005

Hi Andy,

Answers to your questions:

1) The content type is a basic document, nothing special.
2) I've been using the close button on the contents tab as there aren't
checkboxes alongside publications in the 'publish' tab


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Hi Jon,

> And here is the only code I can find defining is_default, located in
> interfaces.py:
(this is also defined on Content.py...grep was my friend here!)
>     def is_default():
>         """True if this content object is the default content object of
>         the folder.
>         PUBLIC
>         """
>         pass
> If anyone could help me identify what could be the problem it would be
> greatly appreciated.

A few questions first:
1) What type of content have you added to your publication?  Did you add
any custom types, like perhaps CustomAutoTOC?
2) What close button were you using?  The one on the publish tab, or
contents tab?

My guess is that there is a content object in your publication that
doesn't have a base class of Content (where is_default is actually


> Jon Bowlas

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