[Silva-general] webdav access fails

Guido Wesdorp guido at infrae.com
Tue Mar 7 19:17:18 CET 2006

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Ah, now I see. If I go into normal web interface and say "new version", 
> then I can PUT and GET
> using webdav _ad lib_, and then Publish in the normal way.
> Its also supposed to work this way? We cant have an option to "start new 
> version, edit, save, publish", all in one go?
I'm not sure. I thought about implementing it, and on the one hand it 
makes sense, on the other it's a bit implicit for my taste... It would 
be really cool if that sort of thing could be explicitly done using DAV 
somehow, e.g. by setting some special properties, or by having a special 
command or special headers, although the first would be awkward (it's 
not clear that setting a property can have a side effect like that) and 
the others will be hard to control from clients (I'm not sure how to set 
HTTP headers in most clients, at least)...



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