[Silva-general] Images in Tables / IE problem?

Bas Leeflang b.r.leeflang at chem.uu.nl
Fri Mar 10 12:56:04 CET 2006

Dear generals,

An issue that has been bugging me for some time is the fact that I 
cannot see images that are included in my Silva sites within an table 
cell. That is, the issue only occurs when one tries to view the page 
with Internet Explorer.

Is this a known and reproducible problem to you? Off course when you 
have a working solution at hand, I am keen to implement it here.

I have zoomed in to the problem. This is a snippet of the Silva produced 
<td class="align-left">
 <a href="" target="_self"><img src="address_files/went.jpeg" title="" 
class="" height="" width=""></a>

I have copied the Silva page to a local file and did some tests. It 
turned out that IE probably interprets the empty strings for the height 
and width as '0'. When I remove the it altogether it works perfectly.

<td class="align-left">
 <a href="" target="_self"><img src="address_files/went.jpeg" title="" 

It also works fine when I enter the actual sizes.

The proper solution is that Silva either enters the actual sizes, or 
otherwise does not produce the empty size tags.


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