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Deborah Ellington dellington at abtech.edu
Wed Mar 15 21:17:36 CET 2006

Hi, I am evaluating Silva for use at A-B Tech (a community college in
Asheville, North Carolina, USA). I have some experience setting up Mambo
and Website Baker (both of them being php-based) but I am new to Zope. I
work on a Mac so I downloaded and attempted to install the Silva MacOS X
Installer but ran into some errors along the way and so far have not
been able to access the admin interface. 
Our primary goal is to be able to streamline our production of catalogs
and course schedules which are published both in print and to the web.
Our print designer already uses XML tags for all his content and we have
been wanting to move our entire website out of Frontpage and into a CMS
so Silva seems like a good choice. I've been having trouble finding
documentation, however. Lots of books for Zope but apparently none for
Where should a total newbie start? 
Thanks for any advice! 
Deborah Ellington 
Web Designer, A-B Tech 

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