[Silva-general] new list member

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Wed Mar 15 22:00:38 CET 2006

> Hi, I am evaluating Silva for use at A-B Tech (a community college  
> in Asheville, North Carolina, USA). I have some experience setting  
> up Mambo and Website Baker (both of them being php-based) but I am  
> new to Zope. I work on a Mac so I downloaded and attempted to  
> install the Silva MacOS X Installer but ran into some errors along  
> the way and so far have not been able to access the admin interface.

well, i did the macosx installer so please contact me off-list and we  
can figure out what's happening. i intend to create a new installer  
after silva 1.5.1 is released.

> Our primary goal is to be able to streamline our production of  
> catalogs and course schedules which are published both in print and  
> to the web. Our print designer already uses XML tags for all his  
> content and we have been wanting to move our entire website out of  
> Frontpage and into a CMS so Silva seems like a good choice. I've  
> been having trouble finding documentation, however. Lots of books  
> for Zope but apparently none for Silva?

this is not "none";-) http://www.infrae.com/products/silva/docs


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