[Silva-general] new list member

eric at infrae.com eric at infrae.com
Thu Mar 16 09:39:19 CET 2006

Hi, welcome to the list! I hope Marc will be able to help with MacOSX
specific details, but if you have any other questions, technical or non
technical, don't hesitate to ask them on this list, or you can mail
directly to me or one of the other Infrae people.

> Our primary goal is to be able to streamline our production of
> catalogs and course schedules which are published both in print and
> to the web. Our print designer already uses XML tags for all his
> content and we have been wanting to move our entire website out of
> Frontpage and into a CMS so Silva seems like a good choice.

Sounds like a good fit indeed. Content is stored as xml in Silva, and good
support exists to transform Silva XML into other formats using XSLT
Stylesheets. Also it is widely used by similar organizations for similar

> I've been
> having trouble finding documentation, however. Lots of books for Zope
> but apparently none for Silva?
> Where should a total newbie start?

Silva comes with quite some documentation, assuming that you manage to get
it installed. When adding a Silva Root in Zope, there is a checkbox
'install Silva Documentation'. If you check that, a Publication with Silva
Documentation will be installed in the Silva Root.

The latest 2 versions of that documentation are available online as well:

http://www.infrae.com/products/silva/silva_docs_1_4 for Silva 1.4, and
http://www.infrae.com/products/silva/silva_docs for Silva 1.5

some specific things are covered at:


Unfortunately there is no 'dead tree' Silva book available yet (anybody
want to write one? ;)

Again, if questions remain, please do ask them!


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