[Silva-general] Updated Silva Extensions Releases

Andy Altepeter aaltepet at bethel.edu
Thu Mar 16 20:02:04 CET 2006

Greetings All,

The following Silva extensions I maintain have all been updated: 
SilvaCustomAutotOC, SilvaStylesheets, SilvaDocumentPatches, and 
XMLWidgets-pluggable.  The extensions can be downloaded from my zope.org 
members page: http://www.zope.org/Members/aaltepet.  

All of these extensions have been updated to work with Silva 1.5. 
Additionally, SilvaCustomAutoTOC 0.9.2 is an update for Silva 1.4.

About these extensions:


This Automatic Table of Contents gives the silva content authors/editors the 
ability to choose which silva addables are displayed in the TOC.  New in 
version 0.9.2  (Silva 1.4) and 1.0 (Silva 1.5): can display the silva-extra 
content-description metadata field in it's public view.


his product provides a Silva Stylesheet asset to the SMI. Stylesheets are 
editable through the SMI. The styles are split up into Style Sets, which are 
logical groupings of styles. Each Style Set contains common CSS selectors as 
found in Silva's frontend.css, as well as a few others selectors.

This product opens up the styling of Silva sites to Authors+, within the SMI. 
For large companies like universities that have one basic look, and which 
allow individual departments to customize the look of the content of their 
site, this a perfect product.

No longer do you need do site managers need to update stylesheets for the 


This product contains patches to SilvaDocument that add more features and 
functionality than is provided in SilvaDocument. This product mainly deals 
with functionality enhancements of the SilvaDocument's forms-based 
editor/xmlwidgets, but has some additional features that go beyond this._


 XMLWidgets was developed and still maintained by Infrae for use with Silva. 
It was patched to allow multiple xml widget roots. This allows one to create 
extension products which contain extra xml widget elements and can plug these 
elements into existing Content Types, like SilvaDocument. I'm using this in 
production to as part of the yet-to-be-released Silva Forms Extension.

If you have no need or desire to create custom extensions for Silva, then you 
probably aren't interested in this product. There are also ways to add custom 
xml widgets to SilvaDocument that don't require this product, however I feel 
that it is easier to use this product than those methods.

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