[Silva-general] running Docma

Guido Wesdorp guido at infrae.com
Fri Mar 17 14:29:34 CET 2006

Chris Inacio wrote:
> I'm getting a bunch of errors trying to get Docma to work; and they seem
> trivial, but I have yet to dig through the code to find what's going
> on.  (I still have to come up to speed on Python, so I'm a little slower
> here.)  I put the error below.
Thanks, will investigate in more detail when I have more time. Note that
I'm not surprised that it doesn't work, since it's been a while since I
last updated it. I expect I am going to perform some work on it in the
near future (weeks), though, since one of our customers has asked for that.

> Secondly, maybe somebody can tell me if it will even work with Word
> 2002.  The documentation seems pretty sparse, there is a terse warning,
> but I can't tell if that's out of date or not.
It should work. I think 2000 is still the officially supported version,
but we have used 2002 several times ourselves (iirc also in production
situations) and never had any problems.

> I really want a document management system that can handle Word
> documents; ideally the versioning and releasing, etc. can be done in
> some other system, and Word can be used for document structure, etc.  It
> looked like Silva+Docma was the solution since for various reasons
> beyond my control, I will not get people at my company to switch from Word.
I'm not sure what the future of Docma will bring, currently we're more
interested in using OpenOffice instead (since that uses a very useful
XML format for storage itself, which would be relatively easy to read
and write, compared using COM with Word) and I don't think we'll add
much more features to Word in the future, however I assume we'll be
supporting it for a while more, and perhaps at some point using
OpenOffice to create .doc files would be a feasible solution for you
too? The end-users could still use Word to create and read the
documents, but the server (that's responsible for converting Silva XML
to Word/OpenOffice documents and back) would run OpenOffice instead of Word.



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