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Sebastian Rahtz Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 17 09:08:44 CET 2006

Bob Bernstein wrote:

> Can you please say more about the 'support' you mention above? I'm not
> a python hacker but I do know how to use XSLT to, say, render DocBook
> XML...

As part of my assessment of Silva, I have been round this
mulberry bush. I installed Silva 1.5, and SilvaFlexibleXML
(it needed some fixes, so this must be the one from Subversion).
When all that was working, I was able to create XML objects which
I associated with XSLT transformations; I created a new Product,
SilvaTEI (based on a docbook example) to set this up. Now all
is well - when I visit foo.xml, it fires up my XML + XSLT, and the HTML
is delivered to the user. I am able to get at the XML files using WebDav.

It's all lovely!

Unresolved issues:

 1. I haven't yet worked out how to say "...foo.xml/printable" and turn
that into transformation by a variant stylesheet.
 2. It is not yet possible to get at Zope metadata in the XSLT. What one
needs is to get at the "last changed date" from Zope, as an <xsl:param>.
 3. It is not yet possible to get at URL query parameters in XSLT. So I
cannot take "foo.xml?ID=lions" and get hold of "lions" in the
 4. I don't know where to start in implementing foo.xml/pdf to do (say)
a transform from my XML to XSL FO or LaTeX, and run a page formatter.
 5. Import of XML files into SilvaFlexibleXML objects isn't available yet.

Of these, 1. just needs me to grok Zope, I assume; 2, 3 and 5 need
serious  work in Silva, but are presumably relatively straightforward.
For 4, I haven't a clue what is possible.

Thanks for listening - I hope this makes sense.
Sebastian Rahtz

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