[Silva-general] Viewing zope objects like one would view() a Silva object?

Tuomas Tonteri tuomas.tonteri at helsinki.fi
Sun Mar 19 01:42:26 CET 2006

Ok. It appears that the Zope Product I used implemented <dtml-poll> tag for rendering it, so I made a DTML method called "show_poll" and put only <dtml-poll> in it, and put this inside layout_macro.html:

<div tal:replace="here/show_poll">the Title</div>

It would work but:

Problem 1)
	"<" and ">" get replaced by "&lt;" and "&gt;", which makes all the HTML tags to not work.

Problem 2)
	Since removing of PTS, a-umlauts and o-umlauts cause UnicodeDecodeError at layout_macro.html and if the Poll has those, it results in that error.

Calling show_poll directly like http://mysite.com/zope/show_poll works fine, no Problem 1).

I would appreciate any help or solutions to either problem, thanks!

Tuomas Tonteri

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:08:21 +0200
Tuomas Tonteri <tuomas.tonteri at helsinki.fi> wrote:

> This is not strictly a Silva question, but I am desperate.
> Suppose one would like to include the html output of this Really-Cool zope object located at /Silvaroot/cool_object in the page template layout_macro.html. 
> For a Silva object I could do: 
> 	<div tal:replace="structure python:here.get_root().my_silvaobject.view()" /> 
> But how do I do the same with the cool_object, which outputs it's "view" when opening it by the url, and that "view" I would like to just tal:replace into my template.

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