[Silva-general] Problem with Silva 1.6.4 Buildout scripts

ccaadgi d.gillies at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 2 17:40:36 CET 2009


Yeah, I've set the skin at the root.  It's not just the previews though, 
any SilvaDocument added won't render publicly i.e. /silva/mydoc/ gets

404 error http://localhost:8164/silva/mydoc/index.html

Our layouts work fine in Silva 1.5.9.  So you think this is likely a 
layout issue?


 > From: Kit BLAKE <kitblake at infrae.com>
 > Date: 2 December 2009 16:17:09 GMT
 > To: ccaadgi <d.gillies at ucl.ac.uk>
 > Cc: silva-general at lists.infrae.com
 > Subject: Re: [Silva-general] Problem with Silva 1.6.4 Buildout scripts
 > On 2 Dec 2009, at 14:28, ccaadgi wrote:
 >> I'm also running jon's buildout scripton Linux and while it all appears
 >> to install ok we still have an issue.  Once we've added a Silva root and
 >> applied our template I get the root page appearing correctly (i.e.
 >> /silva/) when viewed but the public_preview has the silvadefault
 >> template and not ours.  Also if I create documents or anything within my
 >> root and then try to view it it shows up as not found.  Is this
 >> something I'm missing in the layouts?
 > Are you using SilvaLayout for these skins? And by 'applied' do you 
mean you've set the skin in the settings screen of the root?
 > In order to get preview working with SilvaLayout you need to adjust 
the zcml. But if you're already using the same skins elsewhere, and 
they're previewing (in the same Silva version) something else is wrong.
 > Kit
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 > Kit BLAKE · Infrae · http://infrae.com/ + 31 10 243 7051

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