[Silva-general] navigation by tags/metadata

Wim Boucquaert wim at infrae.com
Fri Dec 4 13:53:35 CET 2009

Hi Bernard,

bdsilva at knowledgeworks.plus.com wrote:

> At the moment I'm imagining that the categories "starters", "desserts",
> "fruit recipes" might be keywords in the SilvaDocument's metadata. 
> Somehow there would need to be a category navigation at a top level that
> would be created from this keyword metadata.  If that's not the way to go,
> please say so :-)
> I'm not looking for a search interface that returns these documents, but
> rather a way of making the same document show up in different navigational
> lists.

We do think it might be worth investigating some time in Silva find. You
can edit Silva find objects to search for certain keywords in meta data 
and save the search, and search result settings in that Silva find object.
You can then copy, rename and edit that Silva find object. You can do
this until you have all desired meta data search queries.
At the top level you could then reference those Silva find objects so
that when you click on them you get the desired results.



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