[Silva-general] user registration (and 'hi'!)

Kit BLAKE kitblake at infrae.com
Sat Nov 14 07:58:08 CET 2009

Hi Bernard,

> Hi my name is Bernard and I live in London, England.  I'm looking  
> for a
> content management system for a new project I'm considering.
> I've got a moderate grasp of how Zope itself works. Most of my  
> programming
> experience has been in Lotus Notes (VB) and WebObjects (Java).

Then you're already into the learning curve.

> Having done some reading around Plone and Silva, I've opted for  
> Silva (it
> just seems simpler and more elegant than Plone).  However, there are  
> some
> things I'm having a bit of trouble finding out.
> I realise that for most uses Silva authenticated users are probably
> created/managed by staff (either being setup in Zope, or with
> authentication against LDAP).  Most users of any public Silva-based  
> site
> are presumably anonymous users.  For the site I'm considering, I need
> users to be able to self-register (as registered users will see  
> content
> unavailable to anonymous users).
> Is there a user-registration product for Zope/Silva that anyone on the
> list would recommend?

The best way would be to use OpenID. This means users need to have an  
OpenID account somewhere, but most of them do already (Google, Yahoo,  
etc.). It's also simple to create one at sites like https://www.myopenid.com/

This will allow them see to restricted content that's set to  
'Authenticated'. You'll need PAS and Silva's OpenID component:

If you're using a buildout, probably for Silva 2.1, you can include  

Note that this will only allow access to restricted pages, not to the  
management interface. You'll still need to assign rights for anyone  
who needs to manage content. But you can do this with their OpenID too.

Good luck, check back in if you have difficulties.


ps: Nice naming coincidence :)

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