[Silva-general] Extension refresh error

Bengt Giger bengt.giger at id.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 18 17:56:20 CET 2009

Kit BLAKE schrieb:

> We don't use the Control Panel refresh. A product must have a  
> refresh.txt and AFAIK no Silva products contain the file. A refresh in  
> service_extensions should do it, and even that isn't always necessary  
> (after a restart, which you didn't mention doing).

Hi Kit

yes, I mean WITHOUT restart. That's why I need the Control Panel refresh
first, to load the new code into my cloud of running processes.

To give you an impression of what "restart" may mean:

a ZEO process running with an usual memory allocation of 1-2 GB takes
several minutes to restart, and responds slow until it has the objects
needed in the RAM cache again. The heavily thrashed processes dedicated to
serve search engine spider requests take at least 15 minutes to reach
optimum performance.

Multiply this with 50 (ZEO processes), some of them can be restartet at the
same time, some not. It still takes up to one hour. During this time you
must live with possible inconsistencies: restarted processes contain code
that maybe does not match what ZODB resident components expect. I had to
make some unpleasant experiences about this over the years.

Refresh in Control Panel is not done manually but by a script, name the
product and it is refreshed within less than a minute. This way I can keep
time of inconsistency at a minimum.

> If the layout product does normally work with a Control_Panel refresh  
> and no restart, and you'd like to keep that, then check for  
> dependencies. There's a good explanation here:
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/RefreshTxt

I'm sure that Benno knows about dependencies, because all of his products
for the production cluster running Silva 1.x refresh perfectly. He told
that he does not know the reason for the error, so I asked here.

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