[Silva-general] Extension refresh error

Kit BLAKE kitblake at infrae.com
Wed Nov 18 19:07:57 CET 2009

On 18 Nov 2009, at 17:56, Bengt Giger wrote:

> Kit BLAKE schrieb:
>> We don't use the Control Panel refresh. A product must have a
>> refresh.txt and AFAIK no Silva products contain the file. A refresh  
>> in
>> service_extensions should do it, and even that isn't always necessary
>> (after a restart, which you didn't mention doing).
> Hi Kit
> yes, I mean WITHOUT restart. That's why I need the Control Panel  
> refresh
> first, to load the new code into my cloud of running processes.
> To give you an impression of what "restart" may mean:
> a ZEO process running with an usual memory allocation of 1-2 GB takes
> several minutes to restart, and responds slow until it has the objects
> needed in the RAM cache again. The heavily thrashed processes  
> dedicated to
> serve search engine spider requests take at least 15 minutes to reach
> optimum performance.
> Multiply this with 50 (ZEO processes), some of them can be restartet  
> at the
> same time, some not. It still takes up to one hour. During this time  
> you
> must live with possible inconsistencies: restarted processes contain  
> code
> that maybe does not match what ZODB resident components expect. I  
> had to
> make some unpleasant experiences about this over the years.
> Refresh in Control Panel is not done manually but by a script, name  
> the
> product and it is refreshed within less than a minute. This way I  
> can keep
> time of inconsistency at a minimum.

Do you also refresh core Silva products? If so we should include a  
refresh.txt file for that purpose.

>> If the layout product does normally work with a Control_Panel refresh
>> and no restart, and you'd like to keep that, then check for
>> dependencies. There's a good explanation here:
>> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/RefreshTxt
> I'm sure that Benno knows about dependencies, because all of his  
> products
> for the production cluster running Silva 1.x refresh perfectly. He  
> told
> that he does not know the reason for the error, so I asked here.

We'll try and reproduce the problem. Maybe this is a question for  
Benno, but does that particular layout product depend on other  
products, like SilvaLayout?


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