[Silva-general] SilvaNewsNetwork 2.7 and languages

Yves Serrano y at yas.ch
Thu Nov 19 16:32:47 CET 2009


I have a problem with SilvaNewsNetwork 2.7, Silva 2.1.3 and languages.
The whole website is in english. 
When a user comes with a browser where the browser language is set to german the problems starts.
The parts of the page which use the SilvaNewsNetwork products where i18n translation is used get a german text
Published -> Publiziert. It also has bad effects with the cache, once a "german" user visits the site the parts get sticky at german until the cache is cleared from a "english" user. 
My workaround is to delete all po files except the english ones in SilvaNewsNetwork. 
Is there a better solution? 

I think, for the backend its a good assumption to use the browser language for the interface language (changable via user preferences).
With public sites you never now what happens with the language when the user can alter it. 
Can you force one language for public sites, without monkey patching?  
Is this a bug or a feature :-) ?


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