[Silva-general] Extension refresh error

Bengt Giger bengt.giger at id.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 19 20:51:21 CET 2009

Sylvain Viollon schrieb:
>> Kit BLAKE schrieb:
>>> If the layout product does normally work with a Control_Panel
>>> refresh and no restart, and you'd like to keep that, then check
>>> for dependencies. There's a good explanation here:
>>> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/RefreshTxt
>  The second paragraph mention this:
>  "It can be useful during development, but be warned that use of refresh
> can cause memory leaks and/or obscure problems later on, causing you to
> waste time. When you remember this warning, do a full restart to make
> such problems go away."
>  And I used it a lot in the past, and so I can confirm. But it's true.
> It's basically an hack, and I won't recommend to do it in production. 

I can live better with memory leaks (which may appear or not, I don't know,
they would probably vanish in the 128 GBs of cluster memory) than
inconsistent code, my experience during the last 5 years. And all process
are restarted once every night anyway.

One aspect may be: I changed the Silva core products only a few times while
our ETH products get sometimes updated once a week. The refreshing feature
is of course more important if a product gets updated often.

With the layout product we talk about, a refresh should be a easy to do
task. They tend to be updated often, mostly some minor CSS changes, which
should cause no impact to the service.

I think I'm not the ideal person to discuss internals like the dependencies
of the product, I would like to leave this to Benno.


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