[Silva-general] SilvaPoll - what should it look like? how to use?

bdsilva at knowledgeworks.plus.com bdsilva at knowledgeworks.plus.com
Sat Nov 28 18:11:00 CET 2009

> However, I'm at a loss to get SilvaPoll to work.  I think it should be
> listed in the drop-down list of content-types in Kupu.  But it isn't.
> I've started the SilvaExternalSources & SilvaPoll services on the tab
> Services/Service Extensions.
> I've tried adding SilvaPollQuestion through the ZMI.  But I still don't
> see anything in the SMI that refers to Polls.

This now works.  The clue was to read the INSTALL.txt that comes with the
product :-) .  I didn't realise that I would need to 'enable' the Poll
Questions in the Silva Management Interface.

The only thing that puzzles me a bit about it now, is that I have a Poll
Question in the SilvaRoot, along with a test document.  Whilst the Poll
should be visible to anonymous and should be displaying in the auto TOC. 
The test doc is displaying in the auto TOC but the poll is not.  I am sure
there is something I'm missing.  In fact, I'm going to go and look at the
*.txt files in all the product directories and see what other info I am

Regards, Bernard

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