[Silva-general] SilvaPoll - what should it look like? how to use?

Kit BLAKE kitblake at infrae.com
Sun Nov 29 06:44:26 CET 2009

> I've managed to get SilvaForum working, and worked out how to use
> Subscriptions.  Generally I'm very happy with what I'm able to produce
> with Silva and Zope.
> However, I'm at a loss to get SilvaPoll to work.  I think it should be
> listed in the drop-down list of content-types in Kupu.  But it isn't.
> I've started the SilvaExternalSources & SilvaPoll services on the tab
> Services/Service Extensions.

You must add a Poll Service. This is from INSTALL.txt::

Installing a service for data

SilvaPoll comes with two different services that manage poll data:
there's one to add the data to the ZODB and one that uses a MySQL
database. The ZODB based version creates a new transaction on every
vote, thus sites that expect heavy usage may want to store the results

To install the ZODB version, go to the Silva root (ZMI) and choose
'Silva Poll Service' from the 'add' select menu. This will take you to
a screen where an id and title can be entered for the service, leave
the id as is, and optionally fill in the title.

Installing the MySQL service requires similar steps, but also requires
a zMySQLDA database adapter to be installed, with the id
'service_polls_mysqldb'.  Once this adapter has been placed, add a
'Silva Poll Service MySQL' and also make sure to not change the id (a
ZODB and MySQL service can not co-exist).

By default the option store cookie is turned on. This option limits  
voting by
setting a cookie on the users computer. If you don't want voting  
limits you
should uncheck this option.

> I've tried adding SilvaPollQuestion through the ZMI.  But I still  
> don't
> see anything in the SMI that refers to Polls.

Addable configuration

Depending on other Silva products installed on your system, you might
need to adjust the 'addables' settings on the Silva root. Go to the
properties tab of the Silva root in the SMI, choose 'addables' and
make sure the checkbox in front of 'Silva Poll Question' is
checked. You can also turn it on in the addables properties of a lower
level publication.

I had to do this in my setup.

> Is there any more information about how one adds the SilvaPoll, and  
> how
> one works with it once it is added?

There are more tips in INSTALL.txt and the README.txt.


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