[Silva-general] sharding & multi-lingual site - any advice?

bdsilva at knowledgeworks.plus.com bdsilva at knowledgeworks.plus.com
Sun Nov 29 12:23:17 CET 2009

Many thanks to Kit for all the help (sorry our emails over-lapped re: polls).

Silva is offering me so much functionality out of the box, that I suspect
that there may also be things that it will provide for me with regard to
having a site in several different languages.  I've never done anything
like this and would like to get the architecture right up front.

In the first instance my site will be in English, but I would also like to
provide the content secondarily in Spanish and Portuguese, and possibly
even in Chinese and Japanese further down the line.

Apart from using the core Silva features, I also will be using SilvaForum,
SilvaPoll, rss/email subscriptions, and SilvaNewsNetwork.  The
SilvaDocuments will be making use of the FlashCodeSource component.

I plan to use language as a basis for "sharding".  Thus there would be
english.site.com, espanol.site.com, etc. By doing this I hope to be able
to exploit caching, such that each server's cache only has to house the
content relevant to that subset of users. Furthermore, by only sharing a
user directory I can isolate that directory as the single point of failure
(i.e. if english.site.com was to go down, the users on espanol.site.com
could continue to use it).

The site will be serving up large amounts of Flash video amongst other
content.  The Flash video is likely to be housed outside of Silva (e.g. on
a flash media server).

Given my idea about isolating users to particular servers to benefit the
most from caching, should I really just be maintaining multiple
Silva installations?  Or is there something in Silva that I'm missing that
would enable me manage all this as one site?

It would be great (for example) if the ghost folders/documents could
provide a way for me to manage the translation of content from one
language to another.  But I imagine that having all the content inside one
Silva instance would make the caching & sharding harder.

Some of the features and content will only be available to authenticated

Please feel free to critique my suggestions.  I'd rather find out now that
I'm misguided.

Regards, Bernard

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